Strange and Interesting Topics in Blues Lyrics

If your lover left you, your cat died, and your truck broke down on the very same day that you lost your job, then you may just be the topic of a hit Blues or Country Music song.  Blues music often makes use of the most bizarre and unique topics for songs, and here is a list of some of the most interesting ones you might never have heard.

Bad Hair Day Blues

bad hair dayWhen you’ve gotten out of bed and you’re in too much of a hurry to fix your hair properly, you may find yourself wanting to complain about your bed head troubles. Or if you need a hair cut but your stylist is on vacation, who can you tell about the heartbreak of Bad Hair Day Blues? Put it in a song! When you run out of conditioner, your flat iron won’t heat up, or your electricity is out so you can blow your hair dry, pour out your feelings into a little ditty that will make you (and tons of other people with the same experience) feel a little bit better about their bed head or dread head styles.  Even if your friends don’t want to be seen with you and your supremely embarrassing coif, singing a song about it can make you feel a lot better–even if it can’t make your hair look better. It might just make you more popular than a good hair day ever could!

Getting Pregnant Blues

Although trying to get pregnant might sound like lots of fun, many couples have a hard time conceiving a child when they want to.  In an effort to get their hearts poured out through song, some trying-to-get-pregnant blues singers choose to put their troubles to music while they try not to get overwhelmed with tracking ovulation and fertilization. Some couples, when trying to get pregnant, tend to lose the romance and focus only on the medical and clinical side of having a baby. This can lead to a whole lot of heartache and even a little bit of blues music dedicated to the topic. A blues song writer who is composing a song on this topic might do a little research. Surely, they will find that the question that needs to be answered is this: When do I ovulate? Turns out, that could be a perfect title for a blues song. A little humor could be added and this composer just might have a hit on their hands.

Alien Abduction Blues

Just your luck! On the day you have been planning a relaxing beach vacation, or an exciting ski trip with the cute guy you like, you get abducted by aliens.  What a bummer! Never fear. This is the kind of stuff that great Blues Music is made of: stories of heartache, frustration, and extra-terrestrial interruptions of your life. Don’t pout about it or feel sorry for yourself while you’re inside the UFO missing the ski trip. Take the opportunity to do something about it and write a song! Test it out on your new alien friends and maybe they’ll love it so much that they’ll let you go. Then you can head back to your home planet, write the Top 40 Hit “Alien Abduction Blues” song and that cute guy will ask you out on a date to hear your story first hand. You’ll probably have fans and groupies and your life will never be the same. And then you can write a blues song about that too.

Vegetarian Loves Bacon Blues

No matter how much a vegetarian might try to deny it, bacon is one of the best foods on the planet. Crispy, warm, and salty, this superfood may not be the healthiest of foods, but it is totally worth every cheating calorie and there are many vegetarians out there who know it. Bacon isn’t just for eating with eggs or in omelets. On sandwiches, on pizza, in chocolate, The frustration created by knowing how good something is and not being able to eat is can certainly be reduced by singing a song to the pigs about how much it means to save their lives. The Vegetarian Loves Bacon Blues brings to the forefront the grief and loss of having loved something so sweet but no longer being able to enjoy it. Don’t worry, though. There are many bacon-flavored sundries such as room spray, soap, perfume and more. Heck, you may even be able to by bacon-flavored tofu! Just sing the Bacon Blues while participating in these products and you’ll find yourself feeling like you have been eating bacon all along.

While these strange and bizarre topics may or may not be actual blues songs, it’s likely that they should. If you were going to write a blues song, what would you write about?

Image Credit: Matthias Weinberger via Flickr