Is Clean Shaven Taboo in Good Blues Music?

With rare exception, pop bands and artists are baby faced, without a whisker in sight, yet in blues the epic beard abounds. Is there some sort of connection between great music and great looking facial hair, or is the blues artist just too laid back to care. Stop by any blues fest, and chances are you’ll see more whiskers than you could shake a beard trimmer at.

The Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard is one of the best examples of this, as he is generally seen performing his set behind the mask of a very scraggly looking beard. Despite the harsh look, his heart wrenching ballads and soul infused rock will still blow you away every single time.

Then of course is the aptly named Beards, who have taken facial hair to a whole new level of overgrowth. They have even dedicated a song to the beard “You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man” to help turn the females on to the look.

If you ever are lucky enough to see them perform live, be a dear and throw some beard balm onto the stage. This will help in taming their whiskers. If you don’t know what kind, find some beard grooming review sites and see beard balm brands other beard wearers are using to smooth their styles down.

When it Comes to Playing the Blues a Beard is Almost a Pre-Requisite

The list of beard donning blues magicians is almost as long as the beards themselves. This leads the fan to wonder if the music makes the beard, or if it is the beard that is leading to great tunes. One can certainly not deny that legendary Fitz would not be quite as legendary if he put a beard trimmer to his Gandalf beard.


Ben Caplan may give the most honest insight into the beard and blues music. According to him, his beard grew out of laziness, and as it grew he just decided to go with it. Does this mean blues artists are lazier then the average musician? I beg to differ. Instead I imagine they are just too caught up in the electrifying sounds to really care about something so trivial.

The next time you find yourself at a blues fest, start counting the beards. I bet my guitar that you are going to find more scruff than smooth bringing their musical genius onto the stage.