Great Outdoor Blues Venues

Whether it’s at a small town fair, at a huge football stadium,or somewhere in between, it’s tough to beat the feel of live outdoor music, especially in the summer time (I enjoy many other outdoor activities as well, such as hunting, fishing and birding, and just like with some of these venues, you’ll need some good binoculars or a scope). It’s not every daythat people get to experience great music in a wonderful outdoorvenue, so if you get the opportunity to do so, you have to takeadvantage. Here are some great outdoor music venues that music lovers should try to experience if they get a chance.


One of the best-known outdoor venues in the country is the RedRocks Amphitheater in Colorado, a gorgeous arena that’s been builtaround natural formations of red sandstone. Its location and theclimate allow Red Rocks to be open year round and routinely attractsome of the top names in music, although even some of the world’smost popular musicians can find themselves upstaged by the purebeauty of the venue. The open air venue and the typically clearskies in that part of the country allow stars to sparkle in the skyduring nighttime concerts, taking the breath away from concert goers,helping to make Red Rocks a venue that music lovers from all cornersof the globe should experience at least once in their lives.

Not far from Red Rocks is another great venue, Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. Park City is known mostly for skiing, but duringthe offseason it’s a haven for hiking, mountain biking, and otheroutdoor activities, and that includes live music. From late June to the middle of August, the Deer Valley Music Festival takes over and fills the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater with sweet melodic tones. It’s the perfect venue for music lovers who want to take it easy and have a good time, as well as for thrill seekers looking to relax in a casual setting after a long day and listen to some great tunes.

One of the most scenic outdoor music venues is the George Amphitheater in George, Washington. The Pacific Northwest hasproduced its fair share of great musical acts over the years, so it’sonly natural that they would have a few great venues, including thisone on the shore of the Columbia River. With views of the river, as well as the Cascade foothills, the landscape of the George Amphitheater is nothing short of breathtaking. The venue isfrequently host to major artists, as well as festivals of a varietyof genres. Few venues combine the beauty of music with the beauty ofnature quite like the George Amphitheater, making it a greatdestination for music lovers everywhere.

Finally, if you’re on the other side of the pond, the place to check out for music lovers is Gendarmenmarkt Square in Berlin. Thisvenue is home to a wonderful concert house and two magnificentcathedrals, giving it a rather unique location. It’s suited formore classical music, including baroque and opera, and each year theyhost an open-air festival that allows people to watch the sunset tothe sound of their favorite composer. Outdoor music venues don’tget any more soothing or unique than this one.

The Top Blues Festivals

Blues FestivalsThere are truly great blues festivals all over the country. Particularly when spring turns to summer the festivals start popping off. If I didn’t include your cities blues festival in this list, I apologize there is only so much room on the list!

The Top Blues Festivals

Keep in mind these are in no particular order. All of these festivals are excellent events that come highly recommend.

  1. Chicago can boast that they have the largest free blues festival in the world. Generally, I think the idea of free festivals is a bit mickey mouse. Usually, the quality suffers because they can’t pay enough big acts to show up. This couldn’t be farther from the truth with the Chicago Blues Festival. This free three day event has attracted some of the biggest names in blues including BB King and Ray Charles.This is the perfect way to kick off your summer blues fest tour. It usually takes place in early-mid June which means the temperature is just heating up.The festival attracts over half a million people each year to check out the biggest names in Blues. It’s pretty incredible they never started charging gate for this festival as it’s an exceptional experience and event. Perhaps one day they’ll start charging, until then enjoy the free Blues.
  2. Byron Bay hosts a terrific five day event that is truly one of the world’s best Blues festival. Scratch that, it’s one of the best festivals period. It’s an absolute hoot and if you’re a die hard blues fan getting to the Byron Bay blues fest before you pass is a must. That’s a big bucket list item for a big blues fan.The experience is a little bit different because of the camping aspect. Bring everything you would expect to bring camping, a flashlight in case nature calls at night, a good tent, an air mattress or Thermarest, warm clothing and bug spray are also musts. Byron Bays festival is truly located in an amazing setting.
  3. Upton Blues Festival is a completely different experience. It literally happens on the streets of Upton which is located in the UK. The entire town pretty well shuts down for this event and like the Chicago Blues Festival it is entirely free. The venues are provided by local pubs and the city allows them to play in various locations around time.You can also camp at this festival if that’s your thing. Otherwise, you can book hotels around the town which are exceptionally convenient

These are just three of the many great festivals that happen all over the world. Googling “Blues Festival + Your Town/City” will bring up a few local ones if you’re just getting into the blues scene.