Welcome to Southwest Blues!

Thanks for coming by. If you have not figured out yet, my name is Jerome and I run this little corner of the internet, which I have dedicated to my favorite thing – blues music! I have been passionate about blues music for years – I think it is because my grandfather played in a blues band and I was always at their shows when I was growing up. I couldnt ever get the smooth grooves out of my head.

I have tried to play all my life, but am no where near as good as my grand dad was – he was one of the best. I still keep trying and practicing ever week, and I am getting better. It’s always nice to know that I’m making progress, but I always day dream about playing blues full time (I work in a bank now).

So instead of playing, I write about my favorite artists, and some great places around the country that I’ve had the opportunity to sit back, relax and listen to some blues music. I hope that you’ll stick around and have a chat, and I hope you can point me to some of your favorite blues venues so that I can go check them out  the next time that I get a chance.

If you want to chat about blues, hit me up via the contact form – I love hearing from readers!

Enjoy the site –