8 Must Have Items When Going to a Blues Festival

We are on the cusp of summer, and the blues festival movement is well under way. With events popping up all over the world, you have plenty of opportunity to get your fix of your favorite music live and in person. Most of the better events take place over the course of days, in outdoor settings, making it essential that you bring along the following:

Earplugs – This may sound counter productive, but earplugs can actually enhance the musical festival experience. Most are designed to just muffle noise, not stifle it altogether, which you’ll be appreciative of if you end up to close to a speaker.

Fanny Pack – Not the most attractive look, but you need somewhere to stash your cash, cell phone, keys and cigarettes. Backpack you say? Go ahead, and then you’ll find yourself the mule for all of your friends cash, cell phones, keys and cigarettes. The fanny pack makes sure that you are in charge of just your own stuff. You can also upgrade to a Camelbak if you want an easy way to lug around your drinking water.

Porta Potty Stuff – It’s a fact of life so we may as well be adults about it, no one likes the porta potty. To make it less hell-full bring along wipes, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Cell Phone Power Pack – Good luck finding a power outlet in the middle of a festival, but having a back-up or a power pack should do the trick of letting you stay in touch in between sets.

Portable Infrared Sauna – If you are bringing along a power source, or will have access to one, having a portable infrared sauna is a great way to unwind at night and stave off muscle exhaustion in your legs. A portable infrared sauna review site can help you find the best one to bring along to a festival for the right price.

©Jay Blakesberg

Protection from the Sun – You will get fried if you are not careful. Sunblock, hats, sunglasses, chapstick and long sleeves are must haves.

Comfortable Shoes – Measure the distance from your family sized tent at the campsite to the nearest stage. Need we say more?

Candy and Gum – These help with keeping your mouth fresh, and in making friends. See someone who looks interesting to chat with, pull out a pack of gum and then offer a piece when you see them looking.

Blues festival season is short, and you want to make the most of the time while you can. With careful planning and the right gear, every festival you hit up this summer will be one worth remembering.