Live Music in Your Restaurant

If you feel your restaurant needs to pick up more customers, you may want to think about hiring live music performers. This can be a big treat for your customers (especially those who are into music or live entertainment), and you have plenty of options to go for.

Customer Preferences

When deciding on the kind of live music you want to display in your restaurant, you’ll need to think about your current customers and the type of restaurant you’re running. For instance, if you operate a seafood restaurant, you may not want to opt for a live jazz performance. While it may lead for an eclectic experience, it won’t mesh well with the kind of restaurant you have. But on the flip side, having Mariachi players will work ideally in a restaurant with a Mexican theme or an eatery centered on a Southwest ambiance. It’s essential to think about what your customers need and expect in the restaurant they’re dining in.

Chef Preferences

This could also come down to the recommendation or preference of the chef or sous chef. If it annoys the chief cook, it’s probably not a great idea to be doing it anyway. Some will enjoy the music and relax while enjoying their meal, and others will simply get annoyed if they are trying to shout orders to the other kitchen workers over the music.


You’ll have to think about how much space you have available. You may not want to get rid of too many tables and chairs just to make room for a live music performance. Opt for a guitarist instead of a pianist. Having a small stage for a guitar performer is sufficient enough. If you want to go for mariachi players for your Mexican-themed restaurant, they can perform live from one table to another. Your options are limitless.


It’s always a good idea to let your patrons tip the entertainment and allow your music performers to keep all the tip money. This gives you a couple benefits. First off, you’ll be able to negotiate with your music performers for a lower rate since they get to own all tips. At the same time, they’ll dish out their best performances for tips including the amount you’ll be paying them at the end of the night.

Setup Changes

When you have live musical performers, expect a slight change in your business model. Instead of having people dine in your restaurant and leave after finishing their meal, they may end up staying a little longer and watch the musicians perform. You have a number of ways to deal with this scenario.

You may want to set up a separate area for your music performers, where patrons can observe and have drinks without interfering with your dining guests. You could charge higher for meals and drinks since people may wind up staying a little longer.

Having live music (especially in hip places like austin) in your eatery may not be a bad thing after all since it has plenty of advantages from the business standpoint. There are various options to make the most of your live entertainment without disrupting the most important thing there is: getting customers to come in and dine at your restaurant.